Spray mineral water to reduce inflamed and sensitive skin.

Cold weather, cold wind, not enough nourishment, dull skin Make-up doesn’t work Today we have a good helper. Let’s recover the skin of the girls. To come back to be juicy, full of water and block oiliness. Lock makeup to last all day with mineral water spray, reduce inflamed, sensitive skin, plus mineral water spray that we have selected. Some even help reduce acne.

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Spray mineral water in addition to helping to add moisture to the skin. They can also nourish the skin in the body as well. Who is not enough to nourish the skin You can add nourishment from spraying mineral water spray onto the skin. Make-up does not flow greasy. Or injecting moisture to the skin during the day is great.

1. Witty Merry Absolute Hydro Mist

Open with a Thai brand of mineral water spray that comes in a handy-grip bottle. With nutrients packed in a bottle, such as a spray of mineral water to protect the skin from Witty Merry. Because they add extracts from aloe vera, cucumber and many other natural nutrients to help repair your skin and protect your skin from various pollution. Reduce oiliness and redness and helps makeup last all day.

2. Alteya Organics Rose Water Spray

This one is not really a mineral water spray at all. Only can be used interchangeably, that is, 100% Bulgarian rose water spray from Alteya Organics, a popular green line skincare brand. This one, anyone with acne, inflamed skin, and allergic rashes can be used. because it helps alleviate those symptoms. and nourish and restore the skin to be strong. Ready to detox toxins from the skin. It also helps to exfoliate skin cells to make the skin look whiter and more radiant. and also antioxidants reduce wrinkles Gentle on all skin types as well. The quality of this glass Must have at home

3. Smooth E Mineral Water Facial Spray Cooling Mist

 Another mineral water spray suitable for people with acne and oily skin is Smooth E Mineral Water Spray. This mineral water spray contains many nourishing substances such as Manganese, Sodium & Potassium, Zinc and others, which help protect the skin. free radicals Balance and restore the skin to be stronger. Ready to help reduce acne on the face to make the skin come back to be clear as well. The spray mist is so delicate that you can spray it before or after your makeup. Spray and refresh immediately

4. SHUi Anti Acne Balancing Mineral Mist Plus

If you have acne, sensitive skin, come to Mung! Because this brand of mineral water is another mineral water that combines extracts from pink roses. They claim to contain 7 times more polyphenol than normal roses. And there are extracts of Rosemary, Centella, Licorice, Green tea and many others that help soothe irritated skin from various allergies, anti-acne, inflamed skin, reduce dark spots and nourish the skin to look healthier, smoother and clearer. Plus, it helps make-up last longer and increases the efficiency of skin care.

5. Bioderma Sensibio Eau Dermatologique

acne prone woman lose everything but want to add moisture to the skin Mineral water spray from Bioderma is also a good choice for women because they have added some extracts such as DAF, which is the brand’s exclusive copyright, to help protect the skin from free radicals, pollution, and help reduce irritation Reduce various inflamed skin and of course help fill and lock moisture to the skin.

6. Avene Thermal Spring Water Water Spray

that the skin is easily irritated It is often a rash. Or inflamed skin from laser surgery, we recommend the legendary Avene mineral water spray. The spray of pure mineral water containing calcium, magnesium, silica in the right amount. which helps alleviate many skin problems including reducing inflammation of acne Reduce various skin irritations Ready to add moisture to the skin soft and smooth. and make the makeup more lasting Moreover, his aerosol sprays are fine as well.

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