Top 5 Must-Haves Traditional and Cultural Wear

World is a hub of different cultures and traditions tuned with the changing environment and country. These cultural and traditional differences also change the way their natives dress themselves. From Egypt to Italy, you’ll find a huge variation of culture affecting the designs and styles of dresses. Egypt is one of the richest countries known for its traditions and cultures marking one of the world’s greatest civilizations.

When it comes to fashion, Egypt also takes over the place of being the influential country in a way the natives dress themselves. With a wide variation in their dressings they like to add the line of heritage in their designs. Talking about modern day fashion in Egypt, they carry a quite unique style with a variety specifically for women. Sheaths to name it, is also known as thobes which can be layered with other clothing with an additional option of hijab. Along with that they also include Abayas designed with heavy embroideries and sequins.

Pride fully dressed in Egyptian fashion, the cultural wear is a great deal to them. However, we also understand the frustration of not finding the right cultural wear. To avoid the headache, this blog will guide you through the tits and bits of Egypt’s traditional and cultural wears.

1- Women’s Long Dress Button Front

A hint of modernity and tradition combined together in Long Dress Button Front’s what Egyptian modern day fashion looks like. Stay on top of all the modern cultural fashion with this dress providing you the ultimate option of dressing up elegantly. Super comfy yet stylish, this dress is extremely convenient with its maxi length. Wear your favorite color from the choice of three beautiful shades.

The black color is mostly worn during the winter to trap heat in the freezing winters. You can also wear it as an outerwear with its beautiful button down design. The excellent and well-stitched design also serves as an everyday go to dress. Get yours now in the size true to you from the Amazon deals.

2- Casual Straight Dress for Women

Your search is over with this amazing straight dress for casual wear that also doesn’t let go the cultural and traditional element. Be the leader of your own dressing style combined with the Egyptian culture. Solid pattern and round neck also goes along with the dress design with the full length of the sleeves. The Lycra fabric suits the Egyptian weather providing you a comfortable option to dress into.

The signature fabric composition of 100% Lycra also gives off the Egyptian fashion in the most casual wear. The straight style of this dress makes beautiful slight flare around the ankle. The round neck provides comfort of a sweatshirt yet a perfect dress to where everywhere. Wearing it over your casual clothes during winters also provides you protection from the freezing Egyptian weather.

3- Casual Jalabiya with Pocket

When it comes to modernly traditional dresses, this one takes away the throne with the eye-catching design and beautiful stitching. Dress in style with the cultural clothing with Jalabiya in royal blue color. Tune into the Egyptian culture with this comfortable dress made from 65% cotton and 35% polyester.

With the choice of casual wearing you can add it up in your occasion wear list. The outgoing pocket on one side provides the perfect design to make this dress look elegant yet premium. Wear it in parties or go on a quick stroll to the coffee shop with this beautiful Casual Jalabiya. Get yours now or for your loved ones, this Jalabiya is one of the most preferred gifting options in the Egypt.

4- Abaya Outwear

Egyptian culture is enriched with the sequins and embroideries in all their clothes which is delivered through this dress. This long maxi length garment is a must-have if you’re fond of following the cultures and traditions in Egypt. With the peak of winters in Egypt you can wear it over layers of clothes from a choice of 3 dark colors.

The dress serves as one of the most comfortable yet elegant cultural look that you desire. The ultimate design of this dress is filled with big embroidery around the neckline and on the sleeves. The flowy fabric towards the ankle shows the heritage of Egypt making it the right choice for cultural wear.

5- Tala Jalabiya Cotton Loose Sleeve

Be on top of the Egyptian fashion with the all new Tala Jalabiya Cotton Loose Sleeve. The soft to touch fabric distinguishes it from many other clothing styles set here. The dress is made out of the signature Egyptian fabric material that is cotton.

This provides extra comfort without compromising the traditional designing and style. Available in 4 distinctive colors, the different hue can be worm in scorching summers and frosty winters. Choose your favorite color from the options of Black, Blue, White and multi. Available with the hygienic packaging, the details on this dress is beautiful enough to attract your attention.

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