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What Are Secular Fashion Clothes?

In an age of fast-changing media, what do women know about fashion? Until recently, it was hard to find modest clothes. Now, the mainstream fashion industry has started catering to this untapped market, and brands such as Zara, H&M, and Mango are coming out with modest dresses each season. The question remains: What are secular fashion clothes, and how can they be worn by people of all faiths?

Secular fashion refers to any style of clothing not associated with a particular religion. For example, the dress worn by Roman Catholic priests today resembles that of early Christian church members. Historically, clergy were not differentiated from other male church members by their dress, and new fashions were not adopted until the sixth century. Modernity, on the other hand, does not care about this, but instead focuses on individual freedom.

In addition to these categories, clothing can be categorized according to its religious significance. While secular clothing is typically not considered to be sacred, it may have important cultural or gendered power implications. In some patriarchal societies, clothing worn by men is forbidden for women, and women are expected to follow them. In addition, some garments are associated with the sacred by virtue of their dress codes. In early 2000s, women in Afghanistan were forced to wear the burqa, a piece of clothing that is associated with their religion.

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