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Why Do Charter Schools Have a High Teacher Turnover?

Across charter schools, teachers are leaving at a much higher rate than their colleagues at traditional public schools. The turnover rate is particularly high at the charter schools in low-income neighborhoods. The reasons for this are various: lack of autonomy, high stress levels, and financial pressure. In one study, 40% of current charter school educators said they would consider leaving education. But this issue is still largely ignored by education agencies.

While there are many reasons for teacher turnover, the primary one is that charter schools recruit teachers who see their careers as multi-year commitments and have entrepreneurial spirits. As a result, they are often younger, non-master’s degree-holders, and from underrepresented backgrounds. Furthermore, the turnover rate may also be related to working conditions. It’s likely that teachers leaving charter schools in low-income schools, minority-majority schools, and underserved areas will leave their jobs sooner than their peers in higher-income and more supportive settings.

Regardless of the reasons for turnover, teachers at charter schools are a major source of teacher churn. A constant churn of teachers makes it difficult for charters to improve and make progress towards closing the achievement gap. In addition to the negative effects, high teacher turnover is extremely expensive. While it may seem counterintuitive that a high turnover rate is a problem for charters, there is also some good news. Some teachers are merely less than enthusiastic about the job.Read More About: blastace

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