Why is Fox News Not Considered a Real News Channel by Many?

Why is Fox News not considered a real “news” channel by many? The network was founded with the idea of serving the conservative audience. The station’s founders, Rupert Murdoch and Roger Ailes, capitalized on their instincts as tabloid journalists to make their show as entertaining and provocative as possible. The network seeks conflict and accentuates it. That’s why the audience likes it. WOW Cable TV offers super high speed internet.

One reason that Fox isn’t viewed as a “real news” channel is the political catechism it broadcasts. Although many viewers may tune in out of curiosity, others may watch for a particular hot topic. The station also covers sensationalist stories that other news outlets do not necessarily report on. The program has a reputation for entertaining viewers, but its coverage isn’t always accurate or first. You may share your article on forexinghub and thehomeinfo. So that, your website rank on Google as well and get more information from worldtravelplace and worldupdate

Another reason why Fox is not viewed as a “real news” channel by many is the fact that Fox pays people it claims to cover. And while many Fox reporters are aware of this practice, they are not permitted to discuss it in public. And they won’t even discuss it outside of C-SPAN. In fact, the news media is guilty of covering such things as the corruption of our government and slandering the people who hold it.

While it is difficult to say for certain that Fox isn’t a “real news channel” for many people, it is important to consider how it works. Many people, for example, feel Fox is a propaganda channel. And, according to Politifact, only 5% of Fox’s statements are completely “true.” Those statistics indicate that Fox isn’t a “real news” channel.

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